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False Mirror

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The new False Mirror album SIGINT is out now on Malignant Records. After eight years I'm finally back with a new album. SIGINT was inspired by secret communication signals. Sound sources include recordings of various electronic transmissions, encrypted messages of the German BND and Russian FSB, beacons, over-the-horizon radars, and troposcatter communications.
The CD version will come with a cryptographic manual that will allow you to download some hidden bonus content.

This one can definitely compete for the best dark ambient album of the year. - Igloo Magazine

SIGINT is a tour-de-force return to the dark ambient scene for False Mirror. The subtleties of the album are only paralleled by the equally bold and emotionally-driven moments. - This Is Darkness

► Order CD: http://www.malignantrecords.com/releases/6363
► Order Digital: https://malignantrecs.bandcamp.com/album/sigint

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